Mozilla 1.4 Release Candidate 3 Coming Early Next Week

Friday June 20th, 2003

In a weblog posting, Asa Dotzler has confirmed that there will be a third release candidate of Mozilla 1.4. RC3, which is likely to ship on Monday, will contain fixes for several bugs, including a major memory leak that mainly affects Windows 95/98/ME users. There will also be several Mac OS X improvements. New 1.4 branch builds — which will very likely become the final RC3 binaries — are now available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

#15 OS X Dataloss Bugs remain

by Len

Monday June 23rd, 2003 11:04 AM

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In the buglist above there are a couple of important OS X bugs that are missing.

The most important one is 203343 (disappearing bookmarks.html). I just tested the 1.4 RC_3 from the link above, and it still has the problem on NFS home directories. 203343 contains a description that is consistant and reproducible. The bookmarks.html file is not written/maintained across launches of Mozilla. Dataloss like this should be sufficient to block 1.4, but I haven't seen any activity on this bug (probably because there are too many separate reports. This meta-bug started to consolidate them all, but there is no recent activity on it. Several later reports (many by the same reporter) were marked as 'duplicate'. However, they were marked as duplicate of OTHER issues and not linked back to the meta-bug.

The other one that is of major concern to me is 166369 (Download fails at 100% with 'sorry about that' message). This seems to be a regression to a bug that existed in 1.2.1 but which has been fixed for a while. Again, it's only reproducible for me on NFS, not HFS+ filesystems.

I'm willing to test patches (as Conrad well knows - Thanks, Conrad ;-> ). This is a huge problem for me and might drive me to use <whisper>s-a-f-a-r-i</whisper> rather than explain to my users how great Mozilla is, and why we use a browser that can't download or bookmark ;-(.

Not that I'm ungrateful - 1.4 is faster, more stable, renders better and is all-around more polished than the 1.3 and 1.2 series. I truely appreciate all the hard work, I'm just afraid that these issues may be slipping unintentionally through a crack.