Mozilla Thunderbird Gets Extension Support

Wednesday June 18th, 2003

New Mozilla Thunderbird builds with support for installing extensions have been released. Read Scott MacGregor's Thunderbird Builds forum posting for more details. A page of information about creating extensions has been published and Scott has already released the first official add-on, Offline Support. More extensions are available from Extension Room, which also hosts XUL-based add-ons for other Mozilla products.

#5 Re: Extension fatigue?

by rwall

Thursday June 19th, 2003 4:09 PM

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While I agree with the basic premise of your post that the Extension pref panel will likely become cluttered with extra configuration, at least it will be clutter that each individual cares about and, likely as not, understands.

To you, offline mode is "core stuff", I don't even know what offline mode does! You will install this extension, I won't. I won't be encumbered with a GUI/functionality I don't need and you will be able to do whatever offline mode allows you to do! That is where the beauty of extensions lies. The product ships with the absolute minimum core set of functionality (i.e. in this case it can send and receive mail) that *everyone* needs, everything else plugs in/out, on demand, later.