Mozilla Thunderbird Gets Extension Support

Wednesday June 18th, 2003

New Mozilla Thunderbird builds with support for installing extensions have been released. Read Scott MacGregor's Thunderbird Builds forum posting for more details. A page of information about creating extensions has been published and Scott has already released the first official add-on, Offline Support. More extensions are available from Extension Room, which also hosts XUL-based add-ons for other Mozilla products.

#35 Re: That's a copout

by cgonyea

Friday June 20th, 2003 4:28 PM

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I hope you realize Thunderbird is at version 0.1 alpha...hence no installer/uninstaller.

When it and Firebird becomes the official focus of Mozilla, there will be just as reliable of an installer as Mozilla has. Perhaps even better, since I have read stuff about allowing users to choose what extensions they want to automatically download + install in the web-installer version.

Firebird and Thunderbird are full-featured. Most extensions provide support for hidden features that there is no GUI for. That is why extensions will be better then the current kitchen sink preferences panel in Mozilla.

Besides, it isn't that hard to find extensions. Go to one of the extension pages setup by Mozilla fans, they are all listed right there in proper categories. Takes me approx 10 minutes to setup Firebird with the extensions I use when doing a clean install, instead of spending 15 minutes finding an obscure feature in Mozilla's preferences panel.