Mozilla 1.4 Release Candidate 2 Out

Wednesday June 18th, 2003

The second release candidate of Mozilla 1.4 is now available for download. Read the Mozilla 1.4 RC 2 Release Notes for more information and get a build from the Releases page or directly from the mozilla1.4rc2 directory on

#2 Re: java 1.4.2 beta - not needed for Windows

by mlefevre

Wednesday June 18th, 2003 7:15 AM

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Firstly, that requirement only applies to Linux (and I guess other *nix platforms). Windows users can continue to use any version of Java from 1.3 upwards.

I'm not a Linux user, but AIUI, Java has to be compiled with the same version of the compiler as Mozilla for them to be able to work together. Mozilla has moved to a newer compiler (which means faster and more optimised Linux builds), so you now need a Java compiled with that newer compiler, and that means 1.4.2 beta.