A Portal in Your Future

Thursday January 21st, 1999

George Giannukos has for us a link to an interesting piece at regarding portals. The article posits that portals will become more utilitarian, slowly replacing aspects of productivity apps that are currently part of application suites like Office. Curiously enough, Microsoft declined to comment on this story (a first!).

#1 Re:A Portal in Your Future

by Jason Shindler

Monday January 25th, 1999 7:17 AM

very interesting article. I wonder if there is any thought of an open source (d)html based word processor &/OR office suite? Maybe Netscape/Mozilla could throw MS out of business! :)

#2 Re:A Portal in Your Future

by Mark O'Brien

Sunday January 31st, 1999 10:17 PM

Has anyone taken a look at I think it's probably going toward 'utilitarian portal' status from the 'utilitarian' side, rather than the 'portal.'