5.0 Browser Preview

Thursday January 21st, 1999

Bill Lynch and Steve M. Martin wrote in with this link to a 5.0 browser preview. Bill writes, "There's a good preview of the 5.0 browsers at There are also some good demos for each -- especially Gecko."

#1 Re:5.0 Browser Preview

by Tekhir

Thursday January 21st, 1999 9:31 PM

i read it earlier today. If you look closely you'll see that IE can't do a lot of things correctly or at all. Its a good sign that mozilla will become king. Of course you cold always embed mozilla into IE, hehe.

#2 Re:5.0 Browser Preview

by arielb

Friday January 22nd, 1999 1:26 AM

in the end it says:

Microsoft has planned a few new additions that don't offer new capabilities, but do simplify the process of creating and reusing DHTML scripts. Then it says these extensions are IE only. If they are IE only how does this simplify things???? Follow standards-that will simplify things!

#3 Re:5.0 Browser Preview

by sdm

Friday January 22nd, 1999 10:06 AM

It's great to see that some of the features that are standard, but only ie supported, now work correctly in mozilla, such as scrolling overflow elements:

#4 Dynamic Properties... Why not?

by Caustic

Saturday January 23rd, 1999 9:03 PM

Great to see all the "This screenshot from Gecko because IE didn't do this, didn't do that..." hey?

However, when it comes to dynamic properties, why can't we do this on Mozilla? Sure, behaviors are a M$ wank, but dynamic properties are a natural addition... ( okay, so they're not in the spec, I'm sorry ;) )

In fact, I was showing one of my friends the benefits of DHTML and some of the cool stuff you could do and he just said: "Why can't you put all those table cell efects and code into the style, then you'd only have to write it once. I mean - isn't writing it once and using it everywhere a good thing?"

Ah... from the mouths of babes.

#5 Re:5.0 Browser Preview

by Sandra Dee

Saturday January 23rd, 1999 10:46 PM

Standards are all very well, but the only thing Joe Public will care about is 1. speed (taken care of) 2. better bookmarking (everyone LOVES the way I.E. asks you what you want to name a bookmark) and 3. the improved page printing option IE5 offers. Mozilla MUST emulate both these very important features.

#6 Re:5.0 Browser Preview

by Toshio Tani

Wednesday January 27th, 1999 2:15 AM