Microsoft Cancels Development of Internet Explorer for Mac

Friday June 13th, 2003

CNET is reporting that there will be no new versions of Internet Explorer for the Mac. The Mac OS version of IE has not received a major update since early 2000 when Internet Explorer 5 for Mac was released (rumours of the product's demise began circulating shortly after). The Mac version of IE5 contained a new rendering engine, Tasman, which was hailed by standards advocates at the time of its launch. MSN for Mac OS X, released last month, contains an updated version of Tasman.

The news of Mac IE's demise comes hot on the heels of reports that there may be no more standalone releases of IE for Windows.

#8 IE benefits--don't think so

by webgremlin <>

Saturday June 14th, 2003 10:49 AM

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I don't get why you think Internet Explorer as a platform benefits most.

If you're talking about Microsoft itself, clearly nobody there cared that the windows version had dozens of advanced development features that were never going to get ported to Mac.

If you're talking about the web development community at large, the situation for them hasn't changed much. If someone was developing only for MSIE, they were already excluding all Mac browsers--IE for Mac is different enough from IE for Win that making things work right in IE Mac makes them closer to Moz-compatible than IE Win-compatible.

So for people trying to implement advanced MSIE scripting, e.g., MSXML or behaviors, they are in exactly the same position they were before: it works on 90%+ of Windows browsers and 0% of Mac browsers. The only work-around is to also develop for Moz's XML/XSLT engine.

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