Microsoft Cancels Development of Internet Explorer for Mac

Friday June 13th, 2003

CNET is reporting that there will be no new versions of Internet Explorer for the Mac. The Mac OS version of IE has not received a major update since early 2000 when Internet Explorer 5 for Mac was released (rumours of the product's demise began circulating shortly after). The Mac version of IE5 contained a new rendering engine, Tasman, which was hailed by standards advocates at the time of its launch. MSN for Mac OS X, released last month, contains an updated version of Tasman.

The news of Mac IE's demise comes hot on the heels of reports that there may be no more standalone releases of IE for Windows.

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by googolplex

Saturday June 14th, 2003 8:27 PM

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No, it's not monopolistic. First of all, Apple isn't a monopoly. People can choose to not use a Mac, easily. Thus Apple isn't subject to anti-trust laws. Also, Apple isn't integrating Safari with the system, just bundling it. IE is part of Windows. Safari is just an app on OS X with the possibity of becoming an open framework for all developers.

When one car company sells their cars with only one kind of tires is that monopolistic? Following this analogy, Apple is bundling good tires, but it's still easy for you to get new tires or buy a different brand of car. Microsoft makes it difficult to buy different kinds of cars and has glued the tires on.