New Mozilla Wiki Launches

Friday June 13th, 2003

Webfork writes: "I submitted an article I wrote about the University of Houston using Mozilla a few months ago. Well, I've continued to follow the project and, although I don't work for UH anymore, I've been working on a wiki (freely editable Web site) for Mozilla. I don't know if it'll be useful to anyone but I've tried to make it very easy to read and clear. I think it's a good overview of Mozilla and now it's time to give it back to the community by telling everyone about it.

"infoAnarchy has a great wiki site."

#6 Re: Why not Source Forge

by minh

Friday June 13th, 2003 2:10 PM

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You can set wiki up so anyone can edit a page, but the changes remain in the queue until a moderator approves the final product. Also, you can set up a system like slashdot moderation as well. Well behaved contributors can gain karma points to become mods.