New Mozilla Wiki Launches

Friday June 13th, 2003

Webfork writes: "I submitted an article I wrote about the University of Houston using Mozilla a few months ago. Well, I've continued to follow the project and, although I don't work for UH anymore, I've been working on a wiki (freely editable Web site) for Mozilla. I don't know if it'll be useful to anyone but I've tried to make it very easy to read and clear. I think it's a good overview of Mozilla and now it's time to give it back to the community by telling everyone about it.

"infoAnarchy has a great wiki site."

#5 Why not Source Forge

by neilparks1

Friday June 13th, 2003 1:37 PM

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Wikis are a waste of time. Any fool can change any information posted at any time. Anyone can delete any post and replace it with utter nonsense. Yes, the site owner (or anyone else) can reverse the changes, but is it worth the effort?

A good moderated discussion group such as the Mozillazine Forums makes much more sense.