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Tuesday June 10th, 2003

The popular mozdev free project hosting site is requesting donations to fund ongoing hosting costs and pay for the purchase of a new server. Donate today to help the team reach their target of $2,500 by the end of Summer.

Update! David Boswell writes: "The response to the mozdev pledge drive has been amazing. I wanted to thank everyone for their generous donations so far and for giving us a great start on meeting our goal!"

#18 this is not a private good

by an_mo

Thursday June 12th, 2003 9:20 AM

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I disagree. My point of view has nothing to do with big government. Subsidization of the private provision of public goods is one reason why governments are there. I am not asking the government to pay for my computer/cd/rent.

The law recognizes the public benefits coming from charitable/scientific/religious/etc... nonprofitable institutions. The benefits come in the provision of "public goods" (an economics concept standing for an indivisible good that benefits a number of people (as opposed to private goods). As economics teaches us, public goods are underprovided unless a government entity subsidizes their production (and I am skipping the full argument here). For whatever reason, tax law says that such subsidy comes in the form of a tax break on donations. I don't see why mozdev shouldn't take advantage of such law.