AdBlock 0.3 Available for Mozilla Firebird

Monday June 9th, 2003

mrtech writes in with news about a new version of AdBlock, the image filtering add-on for the Mozilla Application Suite and Mozilla Firebird: "AdBlock 0.3 has been released for Firebird. The interface has also been updated and it's now a Firebird extension. The great thing is that AdBlock doesn't have to be reinstalled after installing the daily builds because it's a user level extension." A 0.3 version for the Mozilla Application Suite is in the works.

#3 let's make even more sites charge us money.

by smkatz

Tuesday June 10th, 2003 8:24 AM

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I am already disgusted that PC magazine now charges me money for their utility library. That X-drive and StorageVault deleted my files (with warning luckily.) rather than simply reducing storage capacity to say "5MB" and having inactivity limits.

I used to get annoyed by advertising. Now I fill out the target sheets.. because if an ad is actually relevant, I'll click on it. No, I don't work for the advertising companies.

I believe they learned their lesson from the double click fiasco. Thanks to dynamic technologies, ads are becoming more interesting (My dad and I "play" the Orbitz ones. And yes, I remember the brand name, and sometimes the game triggers an accidental click. They are ingenious ads.) Of course, they are pop-ups, so I don't see them when I surf with Mozilla based browsers. (because websites need to use positioning to make windows pop up and go away, or use frequency protection. What we really need is a friendly pop-up that closes some other pop-ups so that the total pop-ups (of course that wouldn't work with Mozilla, because scripts are not allowed to close windows they did not create. <sigh>. Maybe I like all ads except pop-ups.

Is that so wrong?

ads keep things free.. they really do. sometimes, that's not even enough. But it allows sites that choose to to maintain a basic free version and still make some money on premium features or at least break even.