AdBlock 0.3 Available for Mozilla Firebird

Monday June 9th, 2003

mrtech writes in with news about a new version of AdBlock, the image filtering add-on for the Mozilla Application Suite and Mozilla Firebird: "AdBlock 0.3 has been released for Firebird. The interface has also been updated and it's now a Firebird extension. The great thing is that AdBlock doesn't have to be reinstalled after installing the daily builds because it's a user level extension." A 0.3 version for the Mozilla Application Suite is in the works.

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by bad_mofo

Saturday June 14th, 2003 2:43 PM

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Hey- I'm the developer for the Mozilla-version of AdBlock.

As an os9-primary user, I'm in the same position: stuck on a Jan 22, 2003 nightly build of 1.3b. Until now, I haven't seen any compelling reason to transition to X. But, with g5's just around the corner, WWDC may turn me yet. In the meantime, you can most definitely run AdBlock under Mozilla 1.3 on os9.

...and since you posted to the AdBlock thread, I'm sure that's all you needed to know. :P

The version below is superior to the official Firebird release. Enjoy:

link ::