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Monday June 9th, 2003

Asa Dotzler has posted a message to netscape.public.mozilla.seamonkey announcing that Mozilla 1.4 Release Candidate 2 is close. Several fixes have landed on the 1.4 branch since 1.4 RC1 was released and only a few 1.4 blockers remain. Testers should focus their efforts on today's and tomorrow's branch builds to ensure that there are no regressions or further blockers. With luck, 1.4 RC2 could be available as early as tomorrow.

#2 Re: Why are these labelled Release Candidate ?

by sremick

Tuesday June 10th, 2003 12:26 PM

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Agreed. I don't understand the dev team's insistance on rocking the boat as far as naming conventions are concerned. This runs counter to common-sense.

Alpha: Preview. We know it has tons of bugs, but this is just to whet your appetite. If we let you see an alpha at all, consider yourselves lucky.

Beta: Getting close to release. Bugs are coming down. Certainly let us know if you find more, but we're well aware that there are a bunch of bugs and unfinished features. We're working on them.

Release Candidate: We think it's done. We've squashed all the bugs we know about (or intend to bother with for this release). Let us know if you find any showstoppers, otherwise these bits will go gold.