AmiZilla Project Continues to Grow

Saturday June 7th, 2003

David Gates ( writes in with an update on the AmiZilla project, which aims to raise a bounty for the first person or team to port Mozilla to Amiga OS. Since we last reported on the effort, the pot has grown to $3,661 and an AmiZilla FAQ and a set of AmiZilla guidelines have been created. In addition, an AmiZilla marketing campaign has been launched to gain publicity for the project and an AmiZilla Yahoo! Group has been set up to help coders collaborate on the port. Finally, the German Amiga Arena site has interviewed Bill Panagouleas, the founder of the project, with some AmiZilla-specific questions towards the end of the article.

Update! David Gates contacted us again with news that several parts of the AmiZilla site, including the FAQ and guidelines, have been updated. The FAQ now contains information about Hot CoCo, a future project to build a Java Virtual Machine for the AmiZilla port. The campaign also has its own mascot (think Green Mozilla after a series of oestrogen injections) designed by Eric Schwartz. Finally, Slashdot has reported on the porting effort and the booty now stands at $4,045.45.

#28 Re: What are people using amiga for?

by miksuh

Tuesday July 1st, 2003 5:39 AM

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> Is it still graphics and games like in the 80's/early 90's?

No. Most of the active Amiga users do now have gfx-card in their Amiga. Eg. I have Voodoo3 3000 PCI gfx card connected to my A1200T. You can use normal standard PCI cards in your Amiga if you buy PCI-busboard first. Best PCI-busboard is Mediator PCI, which is available for most of the Amiga models (no A500 model). So you can have good and fast 16bit, 24bit or 32bit graphics with any resolution which is upported by eg. Voodoo3.

Voodoo3, Voodoo4 and Voodoo5 are the most modern GFX-cards which you can use with Classic Amigas like A1200. But for the new AmigaOne and Pegasos nextgeneration Amigas there is/will be drivers for eg. ATI Radeon AGP-cards.

If you think about games then it depends on what people want to create :) There is 3d-accelerated games like Quake2, Heretic-II, Descent freespace etc for the Classic Amigas with gfx-card and fast CPU (060 or PPC).

It will not be any problem to run modern games with the new Amigaone or pegasos. there is enough power.

> Are there many programs available for it?

Not as many as for Windows that's clear :) but there is enough good software for normal everyday use. Ofcource Amiga does not have eg. modern webbrowser like mozilla or uptodate office software. I hope we will see those now when we have new hardware after 10 years :)