AmiZilla Project Continues to Grow

Saturday June 7th, 2003

David Gates ( writes in with an update on the AmiZilla project, which aims to raise a bounty for the first person or team to port Mozilla to Amiga OS. Since we last reported on the effort, the pot has grown to $3,661 and an AmiZilla FAQ and a set of AmiZilla guidelines have been created. In addition, an AmiZilla marketing campaign has been launched to gain publicity for the project and an AmiZilla Yahoo! Group has been set up to help coders collaborate on the port. Finally, the German Amiga Arena site has interviewed Bill Panagouleas, the founder of the project, with some AmiZilla-specific questions towards the end of the article.

Update! David Gates contacted us again with news that several parts of the AmiZilla site, including the FAQ and guidelines, have been updated. The FAQ now contains information about Hot CoCo, a future project to build a Java Virtual Machine for the AmiZilla port. The campaign also has its own mascot (think Green Mozilla after a series of oestrogen injections) designed by Eric Schwartz. Finally, Slashdot has reported on the porting effort and the booty now stands at $4,045.45.

#19 Re: Poor Financial planning and management

by nospamy

Wednesday June 11th, 2003 7:37 PM

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>Trolling Who is trolling?

Amiga Inc should help the porting of Mozilla / Netscape / OpenOffice, at least they should develop an advanced, modern, up-to-date browser & office suite or pay Opera to port their browser to AmigaOS or AmigaDE (similar to BeOS). Perhaps they should pay Sun Microsystem to port their StarOffice product to AmigaOS / AmigaDE.

In the past, Amiga Inc put their priority on Espial's Escape browsers. The Espial owner is Invisible Hands, the same company that own Amiga Inc.

Unfortunately after Kouri Capital (the parent company of Invisible Hands) went bankrupt in May 2001, the plan went nowhere.

If Amiga Inc have a good Chief Financial Officer with a good, realistic plan in 2000, perhaps they can attract major investors and get something done, including porting mozilla and various compatibility tools (Qt, GNU, MKS, Bristol, GTK, X-Windows etc). AMIGA's CFO quit the company in September 2000.

They should use the advantage of AmigaDE / AA, instead they are trapped in a failed proprietary hardware projects. Perhaps they can do proprietary hardware later, but they should put priority on Amithlon / AmigaDE for X86 & AmigaDE for 68K first with extensive promotion to get revenue.

They should choose good business partners who can do the REAL job, and not stabbed them in the back (ie Escena, Haage & Partners, Bplan, Thendic etc).