Mozilla 1.3 Named Best Web Browser in PC World 21st Annual World Class Awards

Thursday June 5th, 2003

Adam Hauner wrote in to tell us that Mozilla 1.3 won the Best Web Browser award in PC World magazine's 21st Annual World Class Awards. Mozilla, featured in the Staying Connected section, is touted as "stable, speedy, standards-compliant, and full of useful features." As well as being available online, the article will also feature in the July issue of PC World, published on June 17th. A summary of the winners is listed in PC World Communications' press release.

#8 Mozilla slow?

by GAThrawn

Friday June 6th, 2003 2:14 AM

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I hate to knock you here but one of the first comments many of my IE-using friends say when they first try browsing with Mozilla is how fast it seems. Now, no one pulls out a stopwatch and runs comparative page loading times, but the perception is definitley there. I know that Firebird defintely feels faster, but it does feel like a 0.6 release in some areas where Seamonkey feels more finished, so for the moment at least I'm still encouraging my IE using friends to use Seamonkey rather than Firebird, however I can definitely see this changing in the near future.

The next thing they seem to mention is that you always know when Mozilla's loading a page. A strange thing to say you might think, but try loading a large page over a slow connection in IE and you'll see the "throbber" stops throbbing for ages at times, there's no "loading..." text anywhere, and the loading progress bar at the bottom of the page can show up to 90% loaded when you're trying to connect to a server that doesn't even exist! Whereas Mozilla's throbber is always moving while the page is being loaded, the status text lets you know that something is happening, and the progress bar actually reflects something like the true progress loading the page! This is something that Netscape has always been good at, and Mozilla definitely took on board, unfortunately with Firebird's default layout leaving the throbber off the toolbar this is an advantage that we've got over IE that we're going to lose.