Mozilla 1.3 Named Best Web Browser in PC World 21st Annual World Class Awards

Thursday June 5th, 2003

Adam Hauner wrote in to tell us that Mozilla 1.3 won the Best Web Browser award in PC World magazine's 21st Annual World Class Awards. Mozilla, featured in the Staying Connected section, is touted as "stable, speedy, standards-compliant, and full of useful features." As well as being available online, the article will also feature in the July issue of PC World, published on June 17th. A summary of the winners is listed in PC World Communications' press release.

#26 Re: Re: I agree, I think Mozilla is pretty damn fa

by GAThrawn

Friday June 6th, 2003 5:20 PM

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The problem is that as the throbber isn't on the toolbar by default many people, and especially newcomers to the Mozilla world will assume that it doesn't exist.

I realise that most of us here are geeky enough that the one of the first things we do is rearrange the toolbar icons to suit us, but I worked in desktop support for a large company for many years and believe me there are an awful lot of people out there either to scared to customize their software ("but the people who wrote _must_ know best", or "but what happens if I lose that button or break something when I move it around") or quite simply don't know that software can be custimized like this (you'd be surprised how often something as simple as showing someone how to show or hide one of Word's toolbars impresses people and makes them happy).