Mozilla 1.3 Named Best Web Browser in PC World 21st Annual World Class Awards

Thursday June 5th, 2003

Adam Hauner wrote in to tell us that Mozilla 1.3 won the Best Web Browser award in PC World magazine's 21st Annual World Class Awards. Mozilla, featured in the Staying Connected section, is touted as "stable, speedy, standards-compliant, and full of useful features." As well as being available online, the article will also feature in the July issue of PC World, published on June 17th. A summary of the winners is listed in PC World Communications' press release.

#11 Absolutely right

by leafdigital

Friday June 6th, 2003 5:00 AM

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Absolutely agreed. I don't have any problem with Mozilla speed at all except in swapping back into memory after I've been using another large application, which does suck, so I guess Mozilla memory footprint is a bit high. (Then again when you run JBuilder on a machine with only 256 MB RAM and try to run *anything* else, Mozilla or not, you are asking for trouble.)

I also thoroughly agree about not recommending Firebird yet. It's 0.6 and hasn't had the full weight of development behind it. Don't recommend a buggy browser - it doesn't improve the cause. Firebird crashed for me after 10 minutes of use, and that's an actual crash without mentioning the many rough edges: Mozilla crashes for me never. If you want to recommend Firebird you'll do everyone a service IMO if you wait for the first 'real' release under the Mozilla Browser name.