DevX Review of Mozilla Firebird

Wednesday June 4th, 2003

Paul Gittings writes: "DevX has a positive article, Mozilla Firebird Raises the Browser Bar, reviewing Mozilla's Firebird."

#6 No More DevX for me, ever

by Dracos

Thursday June 5th, 2003 12:58 AM

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I've only read DevX when I get pointed to an article there, and I've now lost all respect for it.

It is clear reading this article that the author doesn't really understand much about the Internet, much less what Mozilla (or Firebird, for that matter) is all about: standards. Then I get to this quote: "Mozilla must be able to run everything that IE runs—including ActiveX controls, non-standard script, and HTML". ActiveX should meet the same horrible fate that FrontPage is due for. Non-standard script has been the bane of web developers for the past five years. HTML is dead, future proof your content by converting to XHTML. It's not hard. When there is no more Internet Explorer, to whom will the poor uninformed masses turn? Yes, Mozilla definitely needs some marketing muscle.