DevX Review of Mozilla Firebird

Wednesday June 4th, 2003

Paul Gittings writes: "DevX has a positive article, Mozilla Firebird Raises the Browser Bar, reviewing Mozilla's Firebird."

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by smkatz

Friday June 6th, 2003 10:36 AM

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I object fundamentally to the article's conclusions that MFB will need to support "ActiveX and nonstandard HTML." Actually, I would argue that the antitrust settlement allows Microsoft to support ActiveX in any browser, and that they should if they want to make it a standard.

<shudder.> Lately, ActiveX has been used as advertising. "Do you want to install and run Gator, etc. and my "restricted sites" list has gotten larger.

I hope that if activeX is supported (ie. by running a small file that embeds IE like the activeX plugin does) that we are permitted to create a sandbox around it, and disable BHOs..

ahh.. its simpler to do what we have been doing.. ignore ActiveX altogether.