Joel "on Software" Spolsky Switches to Mozilla Firebird

Sunday June 1st, 2003

James Tikalsky writes: "Joel Spolsky has switched to Mozilla Firebird. Having used Netscape's decision to rewrite the browser code from scratch as an example of what not to do for years, it's nice to see that he can give credit just as well as he can dish criticism. He also has a suggestion for the development team: 'My highest priority would be to implement Mozilla as a COM control that supports the same embedding interfaces as IE, so that the AOL programmers can switch to Gecko.'" Joel notes that Adam Lock is already working on a Mozilla ActiveX control.

In case you've never heard of the guy, Joel Spolsky is a software developer living in New York. He's worked for Microsoft in the past and today runs his own company called Fog Creek Software. He has his own weblog, Joel on Software, where he regularly writes about software project management issues.

#6 My Reaction

by SithMonkey

Monday June 2nd, 2003 1:49 AM

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Many of the features he lists have been in Mozilla for quite awhile now. So it sounds as if the deciding factor in Joel switching to Mozilla was the user interface change. Which leads me to conclude that Joel is basically an inflexible Windows drone who thinks that the user interface of any program is flawed unless it follows Microsoft's UI guidelines (or at least works the way he is used to, which in this case appears to mean working like Internet Explorer)

As someone else pointed out, AOL has already done all the work necessary to be able to use Gecko in their online services (Compuserve for Win and AOL for Mac already use it) so his comments about saving the jobs of Netscape/Mozilla programmers by creating a COM interface for Gecko is ignorant and wrong.

Let me guess: I've never read anything by this guy before but I would be willing to bet that his programming/technical experience is confined almost exclusively to the Microsoft Windows platform and related technology. I would also be willing to bet that he thinks that Java is crap and .Net is God's gift to programmers even though 80% of .Net's features and ideas were ripped off from Java.

So am I close?