Joel "on Software" Spolsky Switches to Mozilla Firebird

Sunday June 1st, 2003

James Tikalsky writes: "Joel Spolsky has switched to Mozilla Firebird. Having used Netscape's decision to rewrite the browser code from scratch as an example of what not to do for years, it's nice to see that he can give credit just as well as he can dish criticism. He also has a suggestion for the development team: 'My highest priority would be to implement Mozilla as a COM control that supports the same embedding interfaces as IE, so that the AOL programmers can switch to Gecko.'" Joel notes that Adam Lock is already working on a Mozilla ActiveX control.

In case you've never heard of the guy, Joel Spolsky is a software developer living in New York. He's worked for Microsoft in the past and today runs his own company called Fog Creek Software. He has his own weblog, Joel on Software, where he regularly writes about software project management issues.

#21 Reason not to use IE component

by ed_welch

Tuesday June 3rd, 2003 2:18 AM

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"by default Lower privileges means that by default script and activex among other things will be blocked."

Seems to be javascript as well. Also, other things that you might want to do, like save a HTML page, or print preview, etc. can be blocked by security settings. If you use the IE component it assumes that the content is from an insecure source, even if the HTML it's trying to display is generated by the application. This is not an issue if you use embedded Mozilla.