New Poll Up

Tuesday January 19th, 1999

There's a new poll online...

We had an interesting response to the last poll. A full 35% said that they would resolve to learn C++ this year so they can understand the source code. More intriguing, however, was the fact that 19% responded saying that they'd rather "sit back and watch everyone else participate".

If any of you reading this are in that 19%, we're curious to know what could be done to make you interested in participating in Mozilla development.

#2 Re:New Poll Up

by Jim M. <>

Tuesday January 19th, 1999 1:05 PM

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I didn't vote, because I was sort of not willing to admit I was one of the what turned out to be 19%. I've tried to get in to helping; at one point I was even assigned tabs for Linux for NGLayout. But I wasn't getting the support I needed -- I needed a less-than-2-month-old tarball of NGLayout, a pointer to the CVS tree of NGLayout so I could keep updated, some semblence of when they had anticipated having it done, and a detailed description of the functionality. I got a brief description of the funtionality, and nothing more, so I quit. If I had gotten even one more of the four things I needed, I probably would've stayed around and fought for the rest, but when you barely have time to do the development, you really don't want to jump, yell, and scream to get the the tools you need.