New Poll Up

Tuesday January 19th, 1999

There's a new poll online...

We had an interesting response to the last poll. A full 35% said that they would resolve to learn C++ this year so they can understand the source code. More intriguing, however, was the fact that 19% responded saying that they'd rather "sit back and watch everyone else participate".

If any of you reading this are in that 19%, we're curious to know what could be done to make you interested in participating in Mozilla development.

#1 Re:New Poll Up

by Grant Likely <>

Tuesday January 19th, 1999 12:53 PM

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I'd be one of the 19% who want to just sit back... It's not so much that I want to let everyone else do all the work, but rather I'm already working on another open-source project which I devote my time to. However, I'm still interested in what's going on in Mozilla development.

Cheers, G.