Mozilla Firebird with DOM Inspector Build

Tuesday May 27th, 2003

alanjstr wrote in to tell us that aebrahim has made a Mozilla Firebird build that includes the DOM Inspector, one of the most popular Mozilla Web development tools (it's already included in the Mozilla Application Suite). More details are available in aebrahim's posting to the Firebird Builds forum.

Update! To clarify, this is a Windows build.

Another Update! alanjstr wrote in again to tell us that mal_green has made an extension that adds the DOM Inspector to an existing Firebird installation, placing an item under the Tools menu. If you want a toolbar button, you can install Joe Hewitt's mozEngineer (note that this can cause toolbar button weirdness with some themes) in addition to the DOM Inspector extension. If you just want to install a single XPI, Sailfish has created an extension that adds both the DOM Inspector and mozEngineer to a Firebird build. Read the complete forum topic for more information.

Another Update! alanjstr wrote in for a third time to inform us that iarnell has made a Linux Firebird build with the DOM Inspector. It was compiled on Red Hat Linux 9 with XFT.

#12 Re: This was a "hack"

by asa <>

Thursday May 29th, 2003 12:58 PM

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"Can XPI detect which platform it is running on?"

I'm not a developer and I've never created an XPI so I don't know. <http://devedge.netscape.c…install/1.0/xpinstal.html> has lots of info on XPInstall. Perhaps you could use one of the platform specific methods (like getWinRegistry or gestalt) to test for windows or mac and assume *nix if you get null back? I'm making wild guesses/speculation and I really have no idea but there's surely a way.