Full Article Attached Open XUL Alliance Site Goes Live

Sunday May 25th, 2003

Gerald Bauer writes in with news that the Open XUL Alliance site has launched. The site aims promote XUL and encourage interoperability with a collection of XUL news articles, mailing lists and links.

#58 Re: Show Me The Widgets

by dhyatt

Wednesday May 28th, 2003 2:01 PM

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The XUL language itself (namely the tag names and the DOM APIs defined using XBL for the various widgets) is under the control of Mozilla. Although we would like to standardize (through the W3C) the layout primitives (and also XBL), we have no plans to standardize the tagset or syntax through an external organization like the W3C.

Nor do we have any plans to allow others to try to force changes on us that might be incompatible with our design goals, e.g., we're not going to open up the language to a design-by-committee approach where tag names end up changing just because someone prefers a different word for <wizard>. At this point, we also have no plans to make changes that would break backwards compatibility with previous versions of XUL.

If you'd like to have a say in the design of the XUL language, you're free to make proposals in the appropriate Mozilla newsgroups, but the ultimate control over the XUL tagset and language design rests with Mozilla.