Full Article Attached Open XUL Alliance Site Goes Live

Sunday May 25th, 2003

Gerald Bauer writes in with news that the Open XUL Alliance site has launched. The site aims promote XUL and encourage interoperability with a collection of XUL news articles, mailing lists and links.

#31 Re: Are we on the same page?

by bzbarsky

Tuesday May 27th, 2003 8:08 PM

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> It's all just getting started. Now is the time to innovate and build up some XUL > motors/browsers/runtimes.

It looks like your definition of XUL is "any XML dialect that defines a UI". For example, if Visual Studio were to store the state of a Visual Basic project in XML, you would consider that to be XUL.

That's a fine definition, albeit a useless one. Useless because there is nothing that such XML formats have in common beyond being XML -- hence there is no reason to ever consider them as a group, beyond attempting to write converters between them (something that's bound to fail as miserably as Word-to-HTML converters already do, due to the differnt languages having different capabilities).

If what you are looking to do is tracking various XML-based UI definition languages to see what features each one has and then creating a new language that attempts to combine the best features of each, that's a fine undertaking (it sounds to me that this is what you are doing). But trying to cover up this effort with the name "XUL" would be an exercise in revisionist history, imo -- XUL would be one of the languages that you would be using as a basis for the language you design, and your language would not be any more XUL than it is XAML or any of the other languages you have mentioned in the talkback threads.