Jazilla Milestone 1 Released

Saturday May 24th, 2003

Slashdot is reporting that Jazilla Milestone 1 has been released. The Jazilla project aims to rewrite Mozilla in Java. It started shortly after the release of the Netscape Communicator 5.0 source code in 1998 but development petered out in 2000. It was revived by Mathew McBride last year has been completely rewritten to follow a more Mozilla-like architecture (Jazilla Classic was closer to the old Netscape Communicator).

This isn't the first time that a Java rewrite of Mozilla/Netscape has been attempted. Back in 1997, Netscape and its partners began the Javagator project to rewrite Communicator in Java. The effort — officially codenamed Xena or Maui depending on who you asked — stalled and was finally cancelled in the Summer of 1998. Only the source code of Grendel, the mail/news component of Javagator, was ever released as open source.

Jazilla Milestone 1 is currently alpha software. It can be downloaded from SourceForge as a tarball compressed using bzip2.

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by mlefevre

Saturday May 24th, 2003 7:09 PM

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why would you assume that? this is platform independent Java - it's a bunch of java .class files, so you need to run them in a suitable environment. there's a readme file that tells you how to do it, and a batch file which works ok on Windows (assuming you have the Java VM installed).

the browser has got a long way to go - the current version doesn't seem to support frames, tables, CSS or javascript, and is very slow. it's kind of like stepping back in time 10 years and using Mosaic, only with less features... :)