French Translation of ChatZilla 0.8.31 Available

Saturday May 24th, 2003

Lissyx writes: "New Chatzilla 0.8.31 now available in French. Download it on As usual, come on if you have any problems..." The English version of ChatZilla 0.8.31 landed on the trunk shortly before Mozilla 1.4 branched (bug 206639) and is available in recent nightlies.

#1 chinese characters

by mlefevre

Saturday May 24th, 2003 3:36 PM

and this story has knocked those chinese characters off the home page, so we will no longer be annoyed by Mozilla's badly-named and buggy "download font" dialog.

(et c'est tres bon que le nouveau chatzilla soit traduit en francais, mais mon Francais est terrible, donc il n'est pas pour moi...)