New Java and C++ Book Recommendations

Monday January 18th, 1999

For those of you interested in coding in Java, we have a big list of recommendations from Jeff Galyan. Jeff is currently part of the Grendel team, which has brought back to life the mail client from the now defunct Javagator project. We also have some good C++ book recommendations from David Williams.

All these can be found on our resources page.

#1 Re:New Java and C++ Book Recommendations

by henrik <>

Monday January 18th, 1999 3:12 PM

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great with some java books, but i need an advice

I have both core java 1.1 and an old "thinking in java" all of witch are quite good, but i need one that covers all the new stuff in java 2 (1.2) esp. the GUI stuff (JFC/Swing). any recomendations ???