$2,000+ Offered to First Person to Port Mozilla to Amiga OS

Wednesday May 21st, 2003

Several people wrote in to tell us that DiscreetFX has started a fund for the first person to port Mozilla to Amiga OS. An initial contribution of $2,000 has been provided by DiscreetFX's CEO, Bill Panagouleas, and donations are welcome from other individuals and groups. To get the bounty, all a programmer/team has to do is get either the browser portion of the Mozilla Application Suite or Mozilla Firebird up and running on the Amiga, even in beta form. At the time of writing, the fund stands at $2,667.

#7 Clarifications about the current Amiga World

by mahen

Friday May 23rd, 2003 1:11 AM

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Just to clarify, as some of you might be a bit lost : Mozilla has to be ported to Amiga OS 3.x, Aros, Amithlon, MorphOS, AmigaOS 4 at least. That is to say, any Amiga compatible solution.

MorphOS & AmigaOS4 are complete PowerPC rewrite of the AmigaOS.

OS4 is the official one, but not even in beta stage (parts are being tested separatly, it doesn't exist as a whole yet). The dedicated piece of hardware is the AmigaOne PowerPC computer. (MAI Teron Board). The aim is to migrate AmigaOS to PowerPC and modernize it. It include a 68k emulator to run 68k software friendly software. More info : (the company amiga inc has the name, the company hyperion entertainment makes the OS, eytech imports the hardware from MAI)

MorphOS is an unofficial complete rewrite of the AmigaOS. It's already available. Runs on the Pegasos PowerPC computer. The aim is to provide a compatibility box (A/Box) like MacOSX's "classic" box, and to rewrite a totally new modern amiga-like system in the "Q/BOX", making use of the new quark kernel. The A/Box is not an emulator but a complete rewrite & enhancement of the AmigaOS API. Currently MorphOS looks & feel like AmigaOS & is compatible with it. More info : <> (the same company Genesi makes the hardware and the software)

Amithlon is an advanced emulator for x86 machines. You can boot directly into it. It uses a minimal linux distro.

AROS is a complete open source rewrite of Amiga OS3.x for any platform. It is only source compatible (doesn't include a 68k emulator). There is some kind of cooperation between the MorphOS & the AROS projects.

I didn't mention the Amiga DE as it currently has no connection with the Amiga.

As you can see, much is still happening :)

Feel free to come & ask us at the community websites :

<> in english (or <> in german <> in french