OEone HomeBase ANYWHERE Now Includes Server-Side Spam Filtering

Tuesday May 20th, 2003

Mike Potter writes: "OEone has updated its online HomeBase ANYWHERE service, to include the most requested feature after our last release: server side spam filtering. When combined with Mozilla's client side spam filtering, this means practically no spam for end users. As well, this new version brings with it improved address book performance, improved bookmarks and other small changes. Mozilla users who would like an easy way to setup OEone HomeBase, which includes an IMAP email account, LDAP access to your contacts and a WebDAV server to publish Mozilla Calendar files and Mozilla Composer files, can install the XPI that I wrote, after going to OEone's site to register."

#15 Suggestion 3

by tpederzani

Friday May 23rd, 2003 9:02 AM

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Wouldn't your suggestion #3 lead to /more/ spam? For instance, if your domain ever were dictionary attacked, you'd either get plenty of spam from that, or from other sources when all those "valid" email addresses got sold onto the lists of others.

I imagine that you either want to create temporary throw away accounts, or to catch misspellings of your mail addresses... Perhaps there are better ways to accomplish both or either.

For a mail admin, RCPT time verification of local accounts is very useful in fighting spam; your suggestion would eliminate that. (As well as making your site useless for those who practice callout verification [where a mail server will try to send mail from <> to your account to see whether you accept bounces or not, and to verify the existence of a given email address]).