WSDL Support in Mozilla 1.4 Final

Tuesday May 20th, 2003

Doron Rosenberg writes: "Netscape has been working on improving the web services support in Mozilla, and as of 1.4 final, Gecko will support WSDL 1.1 proxying. View the translating example here and find out more about the effort at the project page.

"Please note that you need trunk builds of Seamonkey or Firebird (Firebird 0.6 is OK) or else the browser will crash. We have a 'Web Services' component in Bugzilla under 'Browser' to file bugs against.

"Try figuring out what the following Chinese phrase means: Mozilla 伟大!"

#16 Re: Unicode characters?

by tny

Tuesday May 20th, 2003 12:41 PM

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There are two issues here. You have to distinguish between the Unicode standard and the Unicode Transformation Format encodings. You can use Unicode in any encoding with entities, even if that encoding does not include codepoints for those Unicode characters, provided that your application supports Unicode entities. You do not need to use entities for Unicode characters in the UTFs because all Unicode characters are represented by the UTFs.

An example: if you want to use one of the Han characters from Unicode on an ISO-8859-1 page, you need to reference it with an entity because the character is not part of that encoding - it has no assigned code point in that encoding (which, after all, only has 256 code points). But the same character can be be referenced in UTF-8 *without using an entity* because it has an assigned code point in UTF-8.