Mozilla Firebird 0.6 Available in French

Monday May 19th, 2003

Filip writes: "The frenchmozilla team is proud to announce the release of Mozilla Firebird 0.6 in French."

#5 Re: Re: Re: This is great. A couple of questions.

by filip <>

Tuesday May 20th, 2003 12:32 AM

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I don't think benoit wants to localize extensions :) The problem is that there are extentions that are broken when you use a french mozilla firebird browser. Somes work but produce Xul errors in some parts of their ui (in general in parameter where you have a lot of text :). The general question is : that's the fault of the localization or of the extensions who don't accept the browser in other lang than en-US (or other :).


PS. A Mac firebird guru is needed to make a french build in mac version (solaris too).