Mozilla Firebird 0.6 Released

Friday May 16th, 2003

At last, Mozilla Firebird 0.6 has been released! A lot of changes have been made since the last version of the browser — then known as Phoenix — came out in December. The most noticeable of these is a new default theme, based on Qute by Arvid Axelsson. The Preferences dialogue has been replaced with a redesigned Options dialogue and you can now clear your history, cookies, cache etc. with a single click. Many improvements have been made to the bookmarks system, including an IE-style context menu for items in the Bookmarks menu. In addition, this release includes Quality Feedback Agent (Talkback), allowing crash data to be sent directly back to the developers. Mozilla Firebird 0.6 also features many of the enhancements that have been made to the Mozilla Application Suite, including automatic resizing of large images to fit in the browser window and smooth scrolling.

Read the Mozilla Firebird 0.6 Release Notes for more information and grab a download from Builds are available for Windows, Linux and now Mac OS X. As explained in the new Mozilla Development Roadmap, Firebird and its mail/news client sister Mozilla Thunderbird will become the focus of future development after Mozilla 1.4 is released.

#79 They don't.

by Millennium

Sunday May 18th, 2003 9:23 AM

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They call it "Mozilla Firebird", so that certain people who seem to have a problem telling the difference between a browser and a database won't get them mixed up.

This is rather like the situation that arose when the Mac OS reached its 9.0 version. The company which makes OS/9, which isn't used on personal computers, tried to sue because of the ludicrous proposal that people might confuse a desktop OS with a big iron OS. Luckily, the judge threw this out, and also noted that Apple was very careful to always refer to the system as "Mac OS 9" rather than "OS 9" which removed the ambiguity anyway.

I will admit, I was pushing for them to call the browser Suzaku -a phoenix out of traditional Chinese mythology- for the same reasons they wanted to use Firebird: namely, it was similar enough to Phoenix that users wouldn't be terribly confused, and they could keep the old logos. But this works, because believe it or not, a reasonable person of average intelligence isn't going to mix up Firebird-the-browser and Firebird-the-database. Are you saying that you were confused by this?