Mozilla Firebird 0.6 Released

Friday May 16th, 2003

At last, Mozilla Firebird 0.6 has been released! A lot of changes have been made since the last version of the browser — then known as Phoenix — came out in December. The most noticeable of these is a new default theme, based on Qute by Arvid Axelsson. The Preferences dialogue has been replaced with a redesigned Options dialogue and you can now clear your history, cookies, cache etc. with a single click. Many improvements have been made to the bookmarks system, including an IE-style context menu for items in the Bookmarks menu. In addition, this release includes Quality Feedback Agent (Talkback), allowing crash data to be sent directly back to the developers. Mozilla Firebird 0.6 also features many of the enhancements that have been made to the Mozilla Application Suite, including automatic resizing of large images to fit in the browser window and smooth scrolling.

Read the Mozilla Firebird 0.6 Release Notes for more information and grab a download from Builds are available for Windows, Linux and now Mac OS X. As explained in the new Mozilla Development Roadmap, Firebird and its mail/news client sister Mozilla Thunderbird will become the focus of future development after Mozilla 1.4 is released.

#46 Mouse Gestures with Mozilla Firebird

by bmacfarland

Saturday May 17th, 2003 6:47 PM

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I'm a huge fan of Mouse Gestures and have integrated them firmly in my brain. However, I also like to select text and drag the highlight box almost like people who use read using their index finger as a place-holder. Yeah, I know I'm strange, but I know where I left off if I have to run off somewhere in the middle of an article. In Mozilla, I could set mouse gestures to run off the right button, but in Firebird I'm not seeing this option. Anyway, the left button doesn't work if it's used both for selecting text and mouse gestures (maybe it does, but not for me). Thus, I'm in a bit of quandry, I like 98% of Firebird and recognize it as the cutting edge, but can't use it for basic browsing tasks. Also, if anyone knows how to customize the size of Search box (it stores about 33 characters in Little Moz theme which is about 4 times the size of the average query) I'd appreciate it. While I'm greedily asking for help if anyone knows how to put the new tab icon in the tab menu that would be of great use as well, I don't really see where else I could put this icon in the navigation tool bar. It makes sense to me in tab toolbar (at least once you have two tabs).