Next Version of Netscape to be Based on Mozilla 1.4

Wednesday May 14th, 2003

T_Moz wrote in to tell us that the next Netscape browser release will be based on a branch of Mozilla 1.4. The news was confirmed by Netscape DevEdge in a story announcing the availability of Mozilla 1.4 Beta. Netscape's decision to base their next version on 1.4 has been widely anticipated, particularly since the new Mozilla Development Roadmap was unveiled last month.

#45 company name in username portion of email address

by jonadab <>

Wednesday June 18th, 2003 9:41 AM

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That's done for sorting reasons. All his mail related to Netscape stuff goes to that address, so then he can easily sort it and keep it separate from family mail and other stuff. (I don't know the person in question, but it's standard practice to construct email addresses this way if you have your own mailserver.)

If I had my own mailserver, I'd be doing that. For example, on bugzilla my email address would be <>, whereas on slashdot it would be <>. If you don't understand how this would make sorting your mail easier, then you don't get a lot of mail.

It's a little weird that the netscape is in the domain portion rather than the username portion, but that's probably an implementation detail related to his mailserver setup. (In particular, he may be using a mailserver that doesn't provide the other type of alias.)