Next Version of Netscape to be Based on Mozilla 1.4

Wednesday May 14th, 2003

T_Moz wrote in to tell us that the next Netscape browser release will be based on a branch of Mozilla 1.4. The news was confirmed by Netscape DevEdge in a story announcing the availability of Mozilla 1.4 Beta. Netscape's decision to base their next version on 1.4 has been widely anticipated, particularly since the new Mozilla Development Roadmap was unveiled last month.

#22 Return of Navigator?

by Kovu <>

Thursday May 15th, 2003 4:41 PM

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My hope is that Netscape will hearken back to Navigator, releasing Firebird as Navigator and then offering Mail/News etc. as an extra add-on. Navigator hasn't seen a real standalone release since 4.08, IIRC. It's about time for it to return.