Next Version of Netscape to be Based on Mozilla 1.4

Wednesday May 14th, 2003

T_Moz wrote in to tell us that the next Netscape browser release will be based on a branch of Mozilla 1.4. The news was confirmed by Netscape DevEdge in a story announcing the availability of Mozilla 1.4 Beta. Netscape's decision to base their next version on 1.4 has been widely anticipated, particularly since the new Mozilla Development Roadmap was unveiled last month.

#10 Netscape?

by ryanrafferty <>

Thursday May 15th, 2003 1:09 PM

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I seriously thought Netscape was dead.... they rarely update the browser... it almost seems like a joke.

I would consider using netscape if they got their act together, stopped dwelling on trying to be everything to everyone, and just release a browser. I just surfed over to on my mac and am only presented with an apple themed homepage- Its so ambigious... what is netscape nowadays?

Heres an idea: get a blank HTML page. at the top put a giant graphic "Netscape Software" then below that "Netscape Navigtor". In the middle of the page have three options 'about' - 'download' - 'support'. with some fancy graphics. And thats it- thats all they need.

Perhaps on the download page offer a beta link that connects over to a mozilla beta or nightly, with a very short explination of mozilla, codenames, purpose whatever. Could it be more simple?

I think the other option would be to combine the mozilla efforts and the remaining Netscape employees at AOL and make Mozilla the "one and only" browser, bundle it with AOL, and in a sense legitimize it- instead of being just an open source browser it would become a product. Mozilla is already standing on two legs, so why keep Netscape kicking around?