Rediff Asks if it's Time to Switch to Mozilla or Opera

Wednesday May 14th, 2003

Adam Hauner sent us a link to a article about Internet Explorer alternatives such as Mozilla and Opera. The report briefly examines the advantages that the alternative browsers have over IE, including better security, tabbed browsing and pop-up blocking. It also mentions the wide range of Mozilla add-ons that are available, with a special mention given to the NewsMonster RSS feed reader.

#2 Re: Hmm, this doesn't seems right . . .

by steeef

Wednesday May 14th, 2003 8:32 PM

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It seems they're including the history of Mosaic, the browser IE was originally based on. Mosaic was first released in November of 1993 (see: <…dexdot/history/mosaic.htm> ). I wouldn't consider Mosaic an early version of IE, but apparently rediff does.