Full Article Attached Mitchell Baker on the Firebird Naming Dispute

Monday May 12th, 2003

Mitchell Baker,'s Chief Lizard Wrangler, has recently been in contact with Ann Harrison, an administrator of the Firebird database project, and Mark O'Donohue, President of the FirebirdSQL Foundation. Mitchell has posted a copy of a recent letter she sent to Harrison and O'Donohue to netscape.public.mozilla.seamonkey. In the message, she describes how firmly believes that Mozilla Firebird is not infringing on the Firebird database trademark but that the name will eventually give way to 'Mozilla Browser' as the focus of development shifts towards standalone applications.

Some recent media articles have declared the Firebird database community as the victors in the naming dispute. Later this week, MozillaZine hopes to publish an exclusive interview with a senior staff member, which will shed some new light on the situation and clarify's current position.

#15 Waste of time

by lsces

Tuesday May 13th, 2003 9:27 AM

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If the name was going to be around for only another couple of months, then there was no need to change it from Phoenix, and a simple Mozilla Phoenix would have helped in those months.

Mozilla Firebird was PLANNED as a new product. The current climbdown is simply a turning of tails because the main suite project was hitting choppy waters, and the spin offs were performing better ( in some peoples opinions ).

If only someone would admit that it was a cockup, and acknowledge that they knew there was a problem when we told them there was last year, then I would be happy. Just simply to ignore unpalitable facts is not good business practice.