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Monday May 12th, 2003

Bob Clary has posted a newsgroup message to netscape.public.mozilla.general about the future of Mozilla's Technology Evangelism effort, which aims to increase support for Mozilla and other Gecko-based browsers on the Web and inside of corporations.

#12 hmmm...

by bmacfarland

Tuesday May 13th, 2003 2:57 PM

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Hilarious. I suppose when I made red stars with my crayola crayons at age 4 I was really a communist. Had Barney been around when I was little I probably would have watched him. Children are fascinated with dinosaurs. Perhaps Mozilla is a group of pediphiles.

Never did I accidentally draw a swastika or white pointy hatted men with burning crosses. I think it was probably because the star is a basic shape and red is a primary color. I probably drew some yellow triangles, but I don't think I was trying to caution people in my artwork.

It comes down to being able to see anything you want in something.