First Binary of Composer++ for Windows Available

Sunday May 11th, 2003

Daniel Glazman has posted an initial binary package of Composer++ for Windows. This version offers many improvements over the standard Composer, including support for absolute positioning, better resizing, a snap-to-grid option and inline table editing. To get the application to run, you may have to copy the files msvcr70.dll and msvcp70.dll to the folder into which you installed Composer++ (these files may already be on your system; search for them before downloading).

Update! A Linux build is now also available.

Another Update! The first Mac OS X binary is now available. In addition, new Windows and Linux builds have been released.

#36 table editing

by flacco

Monday May 12th, 2003 9:05 PM

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i really like the approach taken for table editing - you can modify the table structure easily, with single-clicks, and the on-screen controls are unobtrusive enough to not get in your way. It shows that some real thought went into how to make table editing as easy as possible, without resorting to more conventional - but less productive - methods like context menus.

what i would really like to see fixed in composer is the moving of data from a range of cells to another range of cells. the intuitive way to do this is to highlight a range, copy, move to another cell, and paste. what this does instead is past the copied cells *inside* the selected cell. even highlighting a similarly-shaped range of cells results in a wacky layout. worst of all, these paste operations can't be undone! you have to fix manually or resort to a previous copy.