Full Article Attached OEone Launches New Version of HomeBase ANYWHERE

Saturday May 10th, 2003

Jesse Ruppell of OEone wrote in to tell us that the company has launched an improved version of HomeBase ANYWHERE. The service, which is designed to work with Mozilla, offers IMAP email, LDAP contact management, Internet calendaring (OEone have made significant contributions to the development of Mozilla Calendar), online WebDAV document storage and more. It currently costs $35.95 US a year ($47.95 Canadian plus tax for orders within Canada) with a 60 day free trial available.

#8 What's the future for DESKTOP?

by MarkHB

Monday May 12th, 2003 7:05 AM

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I remember the message a while back that said that Oeone was pulling resources off of Calendar / Desktop to spend more effort on the ASP side (Anywhere), but what's the overall picture? The site says that they "continue to support" Desktop and Suite... is the company planning to resume development work on these products, or are they going to be abandoned as going concerns?