Mozilla 1.4 Beta Released

Thursday May 8th, 2003

Mozilla 1.4 Beta was released yesterday. This release allows you to separately specify whether a blank page, your home page or the last page you visited loads when you initially start Navigator, open a new window or open a new tab. It's also now possible to specify the default font, size and colour of text when composing HTML mail and Mail & Newsgroups now has support for CRAM-MD5 authentication. Image blocking and disabling is now more flexible, allowing you to optionally view images that have not been loaded, and the 'Launch File' button in the download dialogue or Download Manager now works after downloading an executable. Proxy auto-config failover has also been implemented and Mozilla can now be built using GCC on Windows. Read the Mozilla 1.4 Beta Release Notes for more information and download the new version from the Releases page or the mozilla1.4b directory on's FTP site.

#23 Er... or maybe not

by leafdigital

Friday May 9th, 2003 3:47 AM

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hahaha, no.

Wait, that *was* a joke, right?

BTW I have to agree with 'leet' that it is **utterly bizarre** MozillaZine didn't actually post a proper news item about the branding policy/backdown way back when it came out. (Maybe it's being spun differently but that's what it was.) Is this a breakdown of news integrity on the site? If so, I don't really understand it, as there were posts on all *previous* developments in the controversy. If it was just an oversight, I don't really understand it either, as it's basically the end of the main story that had dominated the site for a week or so. (Yeah they linked to the branding policy a couple times, but no news item saying what it said...)

I think it's a good thing, although I think the Firebird SQL bastards also need a good kicking for their ridiculous gamesmanship, self-promotion, and claim to ownership of a widely used name - I thought that was the way huge evil companies (like AOL) behaved, not little (and, evidently, evil) open-source projects. Roll on MySQL, that's what I say, and I hope I never hear of 'FirebirdSQL' again...

But anyway, the firebird name sucked so I'm glad it's gone, except as a codename. And the mozilla name's good so I'm glad it's here to stay.