Mozilla 1.3.1 Released

Thursday May 8th, 2003

Mozilla 1.3.1 has been released. This version is essentially the same as 1.3 but with support for XPInstall on Mac OS X and a few security fixes. All the interesting new stuff is in Mozilla 1.4 Beta, which has also just been released. Check out the Mozilla 1.3.1 Release Notes for more information and grab a build from the Releases page or direct from the mozilla1.3.1 directory on

#4 have to reboot after install

by omidk <>

Thursday May 8th, 2003 1:28 PM

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dont install this if you dont feel like rebooting after the install. Now i am forced to use phoenix until I can find the time to reboot. i thought software that makes you reboot was finally out of fashion.