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Thursday January 14th, 1999

Doug Turner of Netscape has a note for us on new background transfer functionality being developed for Mozilla.

Doug writes, "SilentDownload is a background transfer method that allows files to be downloaded to the users machine without interfering with their network performance. SilentDownload does this by only downloading while the network library is not busy. In this way, users can 'silently download' large files over a period of time and be notified when the file transfer is complete."

Read more about SilentDownload at its page on

#1 Cool Feature

by Benjamin Suto <>

Saturday January 16th, 1999 2:43 PM

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This is a very cool innovation. I'll bet that a certain multinational corporation starting with an M is going to copy this feature in their competing browser.

I hope word of this feature gets out to the media and they mention it as one of the things to look forward to. It would help build momentum for when the browser is finally released.