Daniel Glazman Outlines Future of Mozilla Composer

Wednesday May 7th, 2003

The new Mozilla Roadmap set out clear paths for Mozilla's Web browsing and mail/news applications with the continuation of the Mozilla Firebird and Mozilla Thunderbird projects. However, the future of the other Mozilla Application Suite components, such as Composer (Mozilla's Web page editor), was left less certain. Last month, Daniel Glazman, a member of the Mozilla Editor team and author of the popular CaScadeS stylesheet editor (now landed on the Mozilla trunk but not built by default), volunteered to continue maintaining Composer. Daniel has published a weblog posting outlining his plans for the future of Composer, which will live on as a standalone application rather than as a Firebird extension. The laundry list of planned improvements includes better CSS editing abilities, XHTML 1.0 support, an extension to allow MathML to be used and support for HTML forms. Improvements will also be made to make it easier for authors to create new extensions, opening up even more possibilities for Composer's future.

#57 Re: Darn what's wrong with the Suite!

by cgonyea

Thursday May 8th, 2003 8:18 AM

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Don't assume things. Seems like everyone reads into things too much, without taking a look at the big picture and use some common sense.

Since when has Mozilla and Netscape never offered a complete download? Don't worry, I can almost guarentee that there will be a 1 file download that contains all the new stand-alone apps with the most common extensions. System administrators and the computer geeks always demand 1 big download.

For those who have dial-up and for those who wish to select what they download, the web installer will also be available for them so they can select exactly what they want. Dial-Up users do care about 12 MB files, especially if they have 1 phone line and need to use it for phone calls as well.