Full Article Attached Mozilla-Based Open Source Project Needs Volunteer Programmers

Tuesday May 6th, 2003

Brad Neuberg writes in with news of a new open source project called Paper Airplane, which relies heavily on Mozilla technologies. Paper Airplane is a browser-cum-peer-network that enables users to easily create collaborative online communities, even if they're running behind firewalls or NATs. Brad is looking for volunteers to participate in the project, which uses JXTA and Java as well as the Mozilla application framework.

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by GAThrawn

Tuesday May 6th, 2003 5:20 PM

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"Cum" look it up in a dictionary, Mr Dirty Mind, it's Latin and it means "with".

So "browser-cum-peer-network", means literally "browser-with-peer-network", which from the details in the article sounds like a pretty accurate description to me.

(Interestingly the meaning of "cum" that you're thinking of, also comes from the same Latin word, eg John cum Jane, means John with Jane, but certain less than savoury media have perverted the meaning and usage of the word over time (pun intended).)